Richmond Hill Sprinklers has just installed sprinkler system for my front and back yard. I am so happy to have hired a great contractor. They are very professional. They know what they are doing. They have an amazing machine to bury the pipes like a sewing machine. Nice, clean and quick. One thing worth to mention. I have some area in backyard interlock was damaged, and the pipes happen to pass by. They fixed the damaged interlock… read more when they put back the bricks. Just that, it might cost me a couple hundred if I hire someone else to fix it. And they did it for me for free. Really appreciate! Robert is a nice and knowledgeable guy. It was so nice I can communicate with him with prompt email replies. I feel he is always beside me since I can reach him easily with email. I recall it was so hard to contact other contractors. Always voicemail, never reply. With Robert, communication is so efficient! If you happen to live in Richmond Hill or somewhere close, they should be your first choice!

Tao Feng from Richmond Hill

Prompt, courteous, professional, good quality and value. Sums up their services in spades. I have had my sprinkler system in place for the past year and it’s been working perfectly. My lawn looks great and it’s such a timesaver to not have to water the lawn myself. The team promptly and consistently respond to any email queries and are very proactive with their communications throughout the year.

Asad from Richmond Hill

I can’t say enough about the service and quality of work from Richmond Hill Sprinklers. When my existing system spring a large leak my original sprinkler company was nowhere to be found so I called Richmond Hill Sprinklers on a Sunday and they actually answered the phone and sent Vic (great guy) out Monday morning to complete the work. He went above and beyond and the price was very reasonable. I found my new sprinkler company. Strongly recommended.

Bruno M from Richmond Hill

Excellent services! Rob and Alan are very responsible and skilled people. After the initial installation, there was a sound in my home plumbing system. With one email, Rob came back the next day, performed trouble shooting, replaced the control panel and fixed the problem. Very satisfied!

Ricky Wang from Thornhill

Rob is fantastic, they came to move some of my heads as I was doing some landscaping and add some additional heads. Always prompt, friendly, knowledgeable and they do a great clean job. Would always recommend them!

Lawrence from Thornhill

Rob and Alan were fantastic, while I had my lawn all redone I had him come over to get some sprinklers installed. Great service, fantastic quality of work and had a very good attitude towards their job. I recommend them.

Howard from Richmond Hill

I have been using their service for the last 2 years now. Very punctual. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Price is fair. Love the fact that you can correspond with them via email.

Andrew from Markham

RHS has been servicing our sprinkler system since we moved into our home 6+ years ago. When we had outside renovations, they were there to advise / move sprinklers. They are so courteous, prompt and professional! Highly recommend them.

Jenn from Thornhill

Previous independent went out of business last fall and I called RHS to do the fall shut down. They responded quickly and did a great job. Look forward to using them again this year.

Scott from Richmond Hill

I called Richmond Hill Sprinklers after my original company went missing 2 years ago and they have been excellent.  They always show up, pricing is fair and a pleasure to deal with.  Best sprinkler company that I have dealt with.

Ian from Thornhill